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Welcome! You have stumbled across the magical realm of Robot Ponies, the primary source for collaborative My Chemical Romance bandslash between your esteemed hostesses cassie_roulette and woebetidesweets.

It all started one fateful day when cassie_roulette sent woebetidesweets a hesitant IM, outlining her prophecy that the two were destined to become the best of friends. Which they did. And it was good.

That very night the two began an epic RP storyline. More were soon to follow. It would always start out innocently enough. An unrefined idea meant only to go so far as one badass sex scene. But our protagonists both suffer from a serious condition, and are in fact Plot Whores. Slowly, massive epic AIM logs built up, which the two would go back during their free time and edit. Just because. Nerds do that sometimes.

As more time went by, the ladies decided that it would be a fucking shame to keep these extensive stories to themselves. That perhaps there were other likeminded fantards out there wanting to read about that time that Frank and Mikey had sex at the drive-in. Or when Ray and Frank hooked up at a party and ended up having drunk naughty times on top of the washing machine. We are a debaucherous fandom after all. Perhaps others are into that sort of thing.

And thus, Robot Ponies was born. So welcome! Come and be merry! Posting access is limited to woebetidesweets and cassie_roulette, but any and all are free to watch, comment and join in on the occasional fanspazzing.

At any given time there will more than likely be no less than five stories running simultaneously. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. The ladies though would like it to be known that they will all be finished eventually.

And remember kids, this is all in good fun. The stories posted here are entirely fiction and not meant to defame or mislead in any way. We do not know the members of My Chemical Romance or have any association with the band, their label or the other personalities from the music industry who might pop up here and there. No harm meant. Though really, if they wanted us to stop writing this shit they should really pay more attention to how much they suck face on stage. Just sayin'.


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